“By designing […] processes with the user in mind, real estate organisations can find common-sense improvements that transform their industry. If Netflix, Uber and Amazon are any indication, these transformations are necessary to survive in the emerging digital world.” Daniel Berlind, Forbes







MFC works closely with real estate organisations looking to embrace change and innovate their organisations, but without the necessary know-how in house. In a complex, multi-faceted industry, it is essential to initially plan and strategise, rather than to procure and then attempt to deploy. MFC has spent many years refining our process to take the best from big consulting, blending this with more agile, niche consultancy capabilities.

We work closely with our clients form the start, to develop a strategic roadmap for the project and organisation, ensuring that every user (internal and external) is considered, as well as all business systems, data and future growth plans. From this, we work towards developing an implementation plan, clearly defining procurement options, budgets, resource and key deliverables. We are customer centric and data driven in everything that we do.