What is a ‘Digital Audit’?

A process of discovery and collaboration, taking a forensic look at the entire business.
The opportunity to understand your past position and decisions, and the current state of play.
Using well-regarded experts, gain an independent, subjective view of your business.

Types of Audit

Company Review

Our most popular audit approach; we explore every part of a business, continuing until complete internal and external visibility is revealed across the entire organisation. It is impossible to make informed strategic decisions without a solid foundation of knowledge.

MFC gathers, analyses, and reports on company data, customers, products, and capacity for change. We identify areas for growth and digital transformation, in-keeping with budgets and key business targets.

We cover all of the components of your digital world:

Brand | Product | Digital Marketing | Competitor | Customer | Data & Systems | Website & eCommerce | Sales & CRM | Operational Infrastructure

Product / Platform Review

Many businesses and start-ups identify the need for a new app, eCommerce website, platform, or innovative software tool, to enhance operational capacity. Whether B2C, B2B, or an internal product.

MFC will look at the MVP (POC), product plan, roadmap, and wider business planning and infrastructure to assess the viability for success.

Typically, we work on the following products:

Website | Ecommerce | App (iOS and Android) | Plugin / App (platform bolt-on) | CRM and Marketing | Bespoke software

Pre-investment / Purchase Audit

Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Firms, and Investors are proficient at assessing the operating model and financial viability of a business, and making investment or purchasing decisions based on this knowledge. Very often however, the digital aspects are overlooked, including digital operational infrastructure, data, brand health and customer sentiment.

MFC use tools and our expertise to acquire and analyse data, ensuring the brand, product and data, amongst other things, are fit for purpose. This ultimately means that investment and purchasing decisions are reinforced by data, enhancing the chances of success and mitigating any potential issues.

Everything starts with a conversation…

What we offer can seem complex, but we know it works.

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